Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter has been determined to have Papillary thyroid carcinoma, which is the most widely recognized assortment of thyroid malignant growth. The uplifting news is Hunter is getting treatment and, as indicated by, “This kind of malignancy has a high fix rate—10-year survival rates for all patients with papillary thyroid disease evaluated at over 90%.”

“A year ago during a physical, my primary care physician found an enormous mass in my neck,” Hunter said. “Seven days prior, I had half of my thyroid expelled so specialists could all the more likely test the tumor. The outcomes were certain for Papillary malignancy the most widely recognized of thyroid tumors. Fortunately, it additionally has a high fix rate.”

Hunter made the announcement on Facebook:

“Hello friends. “There’s no easy way to say it. I have thyroid cancer. “Last year during a physical, my doctor discovered a large mass in my neck. “I had two fine needle biopsies, but the results were inconclusive. “A week ago, I had half of my thyroid removed so doctors could better test the tumor. The results were positive for Papillary cancer- the most common of thyroid cancers. Luckily, it also has a high cure rate. There is no known cause for this type of cancer, but it’s likely genetic. There weren’t any symptoms either. “The next step is to remove the rest of my thyroid on August 12th and explore radioactive iodine treatment. I should probably sit on a beach somewhere after that. “I’m grateful for my team of doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, my supportive friends and family, and for Lauren and her ability to help me out of the depressive dark hole the news caused me to go down. My mother is also an inspiration for having beat colon cancer, as are many of my friends and fans who’ve endured much worse.“You guys and gals are my extended family, and I’m thankful to have you by my side after all these years. I truly appreciate it. My hope is this inspires you to stay on top of your health. A routine physical could save your life. “In the meantime, I am going to stay busy on work-related projects while enjoying the rest of my summer. I’ll continue to keep my mind busy immersed in my hobbies shall it start to wander toward the dark side. “Leaving you with my favorite quote from Nietzsche (and ‘Conan the Barbarian’) that I used as lyrics for ‘Resurrection’:“‘That which does not kill us makes us stronger.’“- Mark”

He added to fans that he’s “appreciative to have you close by after so long. I genuinely welcome it. My expectation is this rouses you to remain over your wellbeing. A routine physical could spare your life.”

Chimaira organized an irregular get-together 2017. Tracker was as of late included in a short film about emotional well-being called Down Again. Two years prior, Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick point by point his very own medical problems.

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