The West-Javanese ‘Burgerkill’, named flippantly after Burger King, was made in 1995 and has controlled over the underground Indonesian metal scene from that point onward. These folks of Burgerkill began to appreciate recording process that made them couldn’t quit working. Toward the finish of 1997, they joined other arrangement “Short of breath” with encasing their melodies “Offered Sucks” and “My Self”. In mid 1998, their vocation proceeded by discharging single “Clear Proudness” which was incorporated into “Free Rebel”, a Grindcore Ujungberung band accumulation collection.

This aggregation was discharged by significant mark and dispersed broadly in Indonesia and Malaysia. Burgerkill was going extensively in such a large number of underground occasions from that point forward. The jokes went higher, number of their fans developed too much and continually sitting tight for their exhibitions. Burgerkill the Hardcore Begundal!

These veterans routinely visit through their nation of origin as a help represent worldwide metal groups, for example, ‘The Black Dahlia Murder’, ‘As I Lay Dying’ and ‘Himsa’. For their show in Melkweg they’re carrying three different groups with them too, one of which is the, likewise Indonesian, grindcore band ‘Craziness’. You could state this band resurrected, since they were inert for around 17 years. In any case, despite everything they play with heaps of energy while sounding fiercer and more threatening than any other time in recent memory!

The primary type of this band was disrupted, numerous underground performers had joined the band. In any case, now, they’ve as of now locate their strong line-up. In 1995, they just considered performing, went home, rehearsing at studio, there’s no whatever else. In any case, everything changed since they prevail to discharge their first single which wound up one of tracks in “Masaindahbangetsekalipisan” music arrangement, a collection of groups from Bandung in mid 1997. Different names like Puppen, Full of Hate, and Cherry Bombshell were additionally assembled in the collection. It was created by Richard Mutter (ex-drummer of Pas Band). It truly was a heavenly minute for underground music. Everything is new and new things stirred individuals! Track from Burgerkill, Revolt! turned into an opening track in collection that was sold 1000 pieces in a matter of seconds.

The night is balanced by grindcore-tornado ‘Tired of Stupidity’ from Rotterdam, infamous for their crazy riffs and beast twofold vocals, and ‘Pendrak’ from Paris, whose blend of hull, grindcore, in-your-face and powerviolence puts a thick layer of metal all finished Europe. Poop will hit the fan around October 26th in Melkweg, that is a guarantee.


At that year, the band discharged “Everlasting Hope Never Ending Pain” through an arrangement collection “Ticket to Ride”. Advantage from this collection subsidize the development of Bandung’s skate stop. This single conveyed them to the new period of Burgerkill, when toward the starting they were abundantly propelled by Oldschool Hardcore Band in making music. Named it : Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Sick, all things considered, Instead, and so forth. Be that as it may, at that point, their music were affected by more different sorts of music like Modern Metal and Newschool Hardcore which got quicker beat and more forceful. Lively riff-control harmonies turned into a solid character of Burgerkill’s music, and not to overlook the guitar fill-in that made it absolutely snappy. These folks of Burgerkill never felt enough and constantly attempted to acquire from a wide range of hard music that would be deciphered through each note in their pieces. That is the thing that made them more develop in making music than before until the point when it went into their second collection.

Some of Mainstream Achievement were theirs, in case was Best Independent Band nominator for NewsMusik magazine in the year 2000. In mid 2001, Burgerkill got PUMA (USA sport clothing) as their bolstered closet to perform for a year. A year after, they got INSIGHT (brand of Australian garments) as their bolstered image in everything about.

Amidst 2003, Burgerkill turned into the main bad-to-the-bone band that marked contract for the following six collections with Sony Music Entertainment, one of greatest significant name in Indonesia. At that point, toward the finish of 2003, they discharged the second collection, “Berkarat”. It was more dynamic and completely gifted, to be contrasted and the primary collection. Their melodies nearly had no straight forward sound and basic moshpart that is normally found in other bad-to-the-bone groups. In vocal, they kept it sounds depressive and dim, character of Ivan the vocalist wound up more grounded and intense, it was about composed mother dialect and unmistakable enunciation in the verses. In the interim, from the music, Toto, Eben, Andris and their new guitarist, Agung, weren’t reluctant to investigate more parts in music and communicated it that none of Indonesian substantial metal had done it.

A startled thing amidst 2004 for Burgerkill was they were picked as “Best Metal Production” for the collection “Berkarat” in AMI Awards, a notoriety music accomplishment in Indonesia. It was unthought-of them to accomplish such a honor, to the point that gave them greater duty and reality to demonstrate another works in music.

While taking a shot at their third collection in mid 2005, Toto chose to stop from the band which had been worked with the other for a long time. In any case, the band needed to go on, they transformed the band with putting Andris, that used to be the bassist as the drummer. They continued working for this collection with assistance from an extra bassist. When they’ve completed the process of chipping away at their third collection, Burgerkill chose to separate the agreement with Sony Music Entertainment that caused by no assention came to in the collection continuing.

So guys…these kids dependably have an incredible soul to continue blowing their capacity, and they at long last discharged the third collection, “Past Coma And Despair” by their own name Revolt! Records on August 2006. This collection was so profound and significant for all Burgerkill’s staff in every viewpoint: the sound, structure, and type of the music that was completely unique with their previous collections. Heavier, unequivocal, and in fact components were introduced in this collection.

There are no ivory that isn’t split, Burgerkill had a hugest despondency in their profession. Ivan, the vocalist of theirs past away in July 2006. He got aroused mind that took the symbol of bad-to-the-bone music in Indonesia away for eternity. Without they even acknowledged previously, every one of the verses in the collection portrayed his condition at the time, it had individual and depressive plot that demonstrated the closure trip of him. “Past Coma And Despair” was a tribute for Ivan Scumbag who had dependably been a decent companion additionally sibling that completely gifted and committed with his astonishing character in works. Burgerkill was in blues, yet they were so persuade to keep proceeded onward and to make music that had been their lives for over 10 years, with raised another vocalist in the band. Furthermore, in the wake of completing a long procedure of Vocal Audition, finnaly they observed Vicki to be another front man for the following section of their vocation.

They effectively did Java Bali visit to advance their collection on January 2007. The ticket sold out indicated how their fans felt exceptionally eager of Burgerkill exhibitions. A composed story wouldn’t simply enough, simply hold up their next amazements and tune in to the new collection, watch them play and feel how overwhelming metal absolutely extraordinary had you! BURGERKILL HARDCORE BEGUNDAL IN YOUR FACE, WHATEVER!!!

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