Following 20 years, Roy Khan comes back to Norwegian Power Metal band, CONCEPTION, by rejoining with its most well known lineup: Tore Østby, Ingar Amlien, and Arve Heimdal. Origination is a Progressive Power Metal band that was framed in the year 1989 and disbanded in 1998 after Khan left to join the American Progressive Metal band, KAMELOT. Khan at that point left Kamelot in 2010 and went off the radar. In 2014, we distributed the analytical viral article “What Happened To Roy Khan After Leaving The Band” which attempted to gather a few data from to a great extent, and later in 2016, we distributed a letter that demonstrates Khan’s enthusiasm for returning to music.

Toward the start of this current month, Roy Khan Releases First Song After Leaving Kamelot, and implied for a get-together with his old band CONCEPTION.

Origination chose to discharge their rebound collection by financing it themselves and by requesting the assistance of their fans through a crowdfunding effort by means of a PledgeMusic battle.

“Since discharging the collection “Stream” in 1997, the individuals have been chipping away at independent activities, yet fans never surrendered any desire for seeing them together as a band again. There have been bits of gossip and theories for quite a while about a conceivable get-together, and now they affirm they’ve been discreetly working for quite a while on this new material.

Artist Roy Khan (ex-KAMELOT) says: “It’s incredible to be back together. The solid bond we have makes for an incredible establishment for imagination. We can hardly wait to display our new music which we feel demonstrates advancement yet bears the mark of CONCEPTION.”

Guitarist Tore Østby includes: “I can just concur with Roy. I believe it’s been an astonishing background for us all to meet each other musically again and find where this work has taken us.”

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The choice to do this all alone has been consistent, to investigate the potential outcomes in having full control. They have officially framed a group of experts having faith in the band’s rebound. The band means to fund-raise to discharge a solitary and EP in the harvest time.

Khan (complete name: Roy Sætre Khantatat) as of late discharged his first-historically speaking independent tune called “For All”. The track, which was composed by Khan, was recorded at Stable Studios in Oslo, Norway in March 2018 and highlights Roy on vocals, piano and consoles nearby Leif Johansen on fretless bass and Geir Olav Akselsen on all guitars.

After his takeoff from KAMELOT seven years back, Khan, who is a faithful Christian, joined a congregation in the waterfront town of Moss, Norway. As a representative of Moss Frikirke, Khan worked with the young, for the most part with the ensemble and the skaters of the town. Roy quit working at the congregation in September 2016, however is supposedly as yet living and working in Moss.

Khan declared his exit from KAMELOT in April 2011 in the wake of taking a while off to recoup from a “burnout.” He clarified in an announcement at the time: “I told the folks in the band effectively the previous fall (well after my burnout) that I was leaving the band. Normally enough, they were stunned (similar to the mark and every other person working with KAMELOT). Notwithstanding danger of dropping ticket deals, they needed to give personal time to thoroughly consider things, thus I did. My choice still stands; it is done.”

KAMELOT formally declared Tommy Karevik as its new lead artist in June 2012. The Florida-based band has recorded three collections so far with the Swedish vocalist: 2012’s “Silverthorn”, 2015’s “Sanctuary” and “The Shadow Theory”, which arrived prior month.” – Source Blabbermouth.

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