Image result for metal musicCity-based metal band Against Evil dispatches its second collection All Hail the King and is winning fans from over the world!

Against Evil, the band that put Visakhapatnam on the metal shake delineate its first collection ‘Deadly Assault’ has discharged its second one called ‘All Hail The King’. Also, this time, surely understood guitarist Jeff Loomis from Arch Enemy has included in one of their tunes.

New collection

The nine-track-collection can be downloaded on Bandcamp, an American music stage for up and coming artistes. It opens with an instrumental piece taken after by the tracks — ‘The Army of Four’ and ‘All Hail The King.’ These tunes catch the band individuals’ battle as artists and utilizations verses which reclaim the audience to Anglo-Saxon occasions. The ‘ruler’ speaks to their longing which guides them through the obstacles as performers. ‘Condemned to Death’ including Jeff Loomis sings of the results of talking against the framework and ‘We Won’t Stop’captures the endless soul of social unrest.

Right note

In June, the band marked manages record names in Switzerland and Brazil and this has assist it with selling in excess of 200 CDs outside India. Sravan Chakravarthi, who plays cadence guitar and furthermore sings for the band says, “Working together with Jeff has been a distinct advantage. It has broadened our compass past India. In the wake of tuning in to our new collection, numerous individuals have made solicitations to recycle the duplicates of Fatal Assault, which turned out in 2013.”

The collection cover has been composed by Andrej Bartulović from Croatia. Andrej has intended for famous groups like Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Hatchet, Children of Bodom and Hirax. Sravan says, “The motivation behind why we create our collections from the West is on the grounds that stone music has been a major piece of their way of life; also, in India the great studios cost a considerable measure while the moderate ones only sometimes know anything about metal shake.” The band’s Facebook page is brimming with empowering remarks. One fanexclaims, “…It is great to see somebody from Germany discover a band from India and request their CD in Brazil!”

The army

Besides Sravan, the four-year-old metal band has Siri Sri on vocals and bass, Shasank Devulapalli as the lead guitarist and Noble John on drums. Initially, they performed cover songs under the name Echo but renamed themselves as Against Evil when they decided to produce original songs . In 2016, Rolling Stone, India, recognised them as the best emerging band in metal category. All band members have a full-time job. Sravan says, “We know it’s impossible to make a living as a heavy metal band in India. But our passion isn’t driven by money. Thus we keep creating new music. Everything we earn from selling CDs, concerts tickets and merchandise is invested back in making more music.”

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